August 2013

Ethical Shopping on the Increase

A quarter of UK consumers now say they would choose the environmentally friendly, ethical, organic or Fairtrade option when going shopping. Despite income struggles, those surveyed were three times more likely to shop ethical than in 2011 – even if the products they bought cost more than their un-friendly counterparts.

Gem Water & Gem Essences

Crystals are wonderful healing tools to work with, but sometimes you may need the healing properties of a stone through ways and means where a rock just cannot deliver! Gem waters and essences are basically liquid versions of a gemstone’s energy pattern. They give a whole host of extra uses for a crystal’s healing properties …

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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Let’s be honest – cleaning the house is not high up on most people’s To Do List. The majority of us live day-to-day in that void space between having all the time in the world to keep a spotless home, and being able to afford to pay a cleaner to do it for you.