4 ideas for when your creative juice runs dry

Mmm, juice.

With the sheer amount of content that’s out there these days, we all need to tap into a regular flow of the ol’ creative juice to keep ideas flowing, content coming and heads turning in our direction.

When you schedule in some precious time to come up with new ideas, designs, or blog posts only to be met with your arch nemesis BrainFudge, you know it’s time to replenish your creative tank.

Here are a few ideas to restore creative flow – they’re ones that I find useful when my writing well has run dry:

Get Outside

This can be as simple as sitting in your backyard for five minutes, or really blowing the cobwebs out by going on an hour long walk in the woods. Creation in nature is all around us when we look for it, so draw upon that energy as you get some fresh air and see if it gives you some inspiration when you return home.


Even 10 minutes can help clear BrainFudge from your mind, to make way for fresh ideas to appear. As you breathe in deeply, imagine that natural creative flow of life entering your very being and filling you up like you’re a really nice bucket (not a cheap rubbish one). Notice how relaxed, yet centred and focused you feel after even a short meditation. Now go conquer lands!

Use Colour

Colour can affect us on physical and psychological levels – if you have an office or area where you usually work, then take some time to choose the colours that will surround you! Get some Yellow on the go if you are studying or carrying out research for a project, or if you feel like you’re really crap. For the serial procrastinator, Orange will help you to overcome those blocks that hold you back. Red can really help to give you a kick up the butt with drive and confidence; and Blue is a great colour for you to use when you need to be reflective in your business.

Drink wine

Ok, this may not work for all of us….there’s a very fine line between receiving a flood of Merlot-induced inspiration, and being too drowsy to pick up a pen. The ideas seem to flow for me using this method, but there are issues to overcome on actually being coherent enough to record them in some way. Other than babbling at the cat.

Sometimes, nothing will seem to work. This is okay. It’s usually at this point where you need to quit looking for ways to get back in the flow, and focus on self-care instead. Think of it this way:

Self-care = Pampering Yourself = Painting Your Nails = Painting = Creative Pursuit.


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