5 Ways to Grow Your Holistic Business Online

In this post we’re going to briefly cover 5 areas that you should consider adding to your website if you’re serious about expanding your holistic therapy business.

It may be that you’re happy with taking however many clients your currently see per week, and a simple ‘brochure’ type website will suffice. However, I see a lot of people in this field who feel a certain sense of ‘guilt’ for even charging for what they do – which is interesting because it’s an area that is incredibly effective in helping people through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. I’ve been there too.

I’m passionate about working with people in the holistic field who want to up-level their business. More and more people are discovering alternative medicine and holistic healing, and of course the Internet has played a massive part in this! If you have a message or a philosophy that you feel called to share, then step up and bloody get it out there 🙂

OK, so you’re serious about growing your business. Here are five ways you can start helping more people using your website:

appointment bookings

This is something that makes it easy for clients to book in with you, and with most booking software you can also send out pre-appointment reminders which will reduce no-shows and cancellations. However, it requires a solid system so that you’re not booking in two places, for example. More considerations for appointment bookings online in this blog post: Online Booking – Should I Bother?

course/event bookings

Many holistic practitioners start out with holding workshops; if you are gaining teaching qualifications to hold your own in-person training courses, or holding larger MBS events for example; then online booking is fab.

Say for example, you teach massage – you can list the course on your website, provide a breakdown of the syllabus, have a FAQ section for potential students, display any relevant accreditations for your course, show a map and travel directions to the location where the course takes place – then allow people to enrol online by filling in an application form and paying a deposit.

online courses

If you already teach face-to-face courses, you may want to take it a step further, and offer online ones too. Some courses can be set up for self-study, accessed online and then the student completes at their own pace (eg. Anatomy & Physiology); or you could run an online version of a face-to face course with downloadable worksheets/literature, and a combination of pre-recorded teaching videos and live ‘coaching’ or Q&A calls. You could also mix this with 1 or 2 days of face-to-face practical training for physical therapies like massage.

membership website

The ultimate in recurring income – membership websites allow you to nurture and grow a tribe of like-minded individuals, with regular content input from you in the form of articles, videos, and often a forum or a Private Facebook Group.

This option involves a fair bit of time in content production, but is a great idea if you can’t get to the people you want to reach face-to-face.

sell products

Finally, many holistic therapists also sell products such as oils, skincare and even crystals (send them this way, please). You can set up an online shop and choose online payment options, as well as if you’ll post out or if its for existing clients to order and then collect from you directly.

These five things are great ways of up-levelling your business and providing your clients with more value. Of course they do require time and energy, but you might want to pick one and focus on that as part of your overall strategy.