A Basic Crystal Care Kit

Retro Post Alert: I’ve decided to reshare some of my old blog posts, which have been on my old websites Greener Indigo & sasstomlinson.com over the years (before that I haven’t got a copy of what I wrote!) Some of these are over a decade old…but I’m resharing any I think may be of use!

I haven’t blathered on about crystals over here at Greener Indigo yet, which is most unlike me. You see, I am rather obsessed with them, and I always have been.

As a child I was fortunate enough to have a beck running through the back garden (and after a few more house moves, the river Lune), so I often found a variety of interesting and sometimes sparkly stones.

Then of course Treasures of the Earth magazine came out (remember that!?), and I got a decent collection of gemstones and minerals going!

I can also feel the energies emitted from stones – I can’t remember if this just happened or whether I’ve always felt it – however it definitely became more pronounced once I had been attuned to Reiki.

Those of you who love all things crystal-related; do keep an eye on my Facebook page at Elemental Indigo, as I am starting to sell some crystals online and will be a qualified Crystal Therapist in a couple of months – exciting!

If you’re interested in crystals and don’t quite know where to start, here’s a quick list for you of some of the ‘basics’ to start off your collection!

Quartz Points

If you can, try and get at least a couple of these – ideally 4-6. Clear Quartz is a fab multitasker and it works well in a variety of situations.

Quartz is a natural energy transmitter and amplifier (why do you think it’s in your watch?!), so it is ideal for cleansing and shifting energies. It will also amplify the effects of any other crystals it is placed near; which is why you may have seen pictures of crystal grids where clear quartz points are pointing out of the grid, sending the energies of the other stones out to where they are needed.

Rose Quartz

Yes, more Quartz. In fact, there are that many types of Quartz you could have a nice kit going with them and nothing else!

Rose Quartz brings a much gentler energy. It’s calming and restoring. Meditate with Rose Quartz and it will bring to you the qualities of unconditional, non-lusty love and acceptance. It can help you with confidence and self-esteem issues, as well as releasing emotional stresses.

This is a great stone to buy a large chunk of, as the energies are so gentle but bring through a core strength at the same time.

Smoky Quartz

See, I told you Quartz did everything! This one provides you with ‘grounding’, which is very important when it comes to any healing work.

If you’re not grounded, you tend to be ‘spaced out’ a lot and may feel physically dizzy or nauseous. Smoky Quartz provides you with a sort of ‘Earth anchor’, which will prevent you from flying off into some other dimension I suspect.

Its energy lies on the level of practicality, and where Clear Quartz amplifies energy, Smoky Quartz concentrates it. If you are sensitive to the energies of stones and find a particular piece of Clear Quartz too strong, try holding a piece of Smoky Quartz in the opposite hand to help achieve balance.


You guessed it, Citrine is a type of Quartz. In fact, it’s a Pokemon-inspired later incarnation of Amethyst! When the purple rock is treated with super-hot heat, it changes colour to yellow and becomes Citrine!

You may come across Ametrine, which as the name suggests, is a purple/yellow mix – having got halfway there before the Earth gave up on barbecuing it.

Anyway, Citrine is like a crystal version of a cup of coffee (but without the caffeine and dodgy mug). Just like its sunny yellow colour, it’s full of bouncy zippy energy – great for giving you a boost when Monday morning hits and you can’t face the world!

It’s also a great confidence booster, so try smuggling some into a job interview.


This has always been my favourite, mainly because it is purple! Like Clear Quartz, Amethyst has a wide range of practical uses – one of the main ones being to enhance psychic abilities and help open the 3rd eye chakra (If attempting this, DO learn about the process first and don’t expect it to happen all in one go; although there are benefits you usually have plenty of physical and emotional/mental symptoms popping up too!)

It’s relatively easy to get your hands on a cluster or ‘bed’ of Amethyst; these are really useful as you can use them to cleanse you other stones – just lie them on the bed and let Amethyst work its magic!

Amethyst is great for general healing tasks and will bring balance to polarised energies. It can also help integrate ideas and daydreams, so why not use it to help manifest your desires?

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  1. Awesome information. I have a chunk of rose quartz with a crystal sticking out that’s so large my hand only wraps around 2/3’s of it. Never thought to harvest the energy from it. Thanks!

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