A Little Update & News On New Workbook

So this weekend started off with a wonderful level of productivity – I’ve got my (adjusted from the Newborn phase) work calendar up and implemented; worked with my coach to kickstart my mindset (and finally got a gorgeous meditation cushion); and the nesting thang has kicked in (cue a sudden obsession with everything Moroccan, so slowly making over the bedroom and lounge).

Plus, a chair has appeared – rescued from a house clearance. The chair looks, well, awful. But my, it’s comfy. When you’re getting to the really-pregnant-and-sitting-on-most-chairs-hurts….a throw and a cushion and it’s become a blogging throne. It is supposed to go in the nursery for feeding babies from – however I discovered there is another chair and so I may have to claim that too. A chair for empowered blogging and a chair for empowered mama-ing. I like it.

All this New Moon energy has been inspiring and motivating me too and I feel ready to take action. I sat down a couple of days ago to try and figure out what I could offer to the tribe that’s slowly coming together; and within a few hours of sitting and connecting to She I’d written a wonderful little offering which will be shortly available:

The Self-Care Workbook For New Moms

(Although you can use it if you’re pregnant, caring for another or a mumma in another way too, it’s just written from a new mumma POV).

I’ve written/made lots of ‘opt-ins’ in the past which were there for one thing only – but I’m really excited to share this offering with you. These are things that got me through quite a tough early time with my bubba (prematurity and birth guilt because of the bloody placenta being large contributing factors); so I really hope the workbook will be of benefit to others too.

Hopefully, I should have it ready and released by the end of the week. That is, if I’m not off in a charity shop somewhere buying anything Moroccan I can find…

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