Are You A Healer?

Many years ago, I used to do regular Angel/Oracle Card Readings on my YouTube channel. Before that, I would use the cards for myself; whenever I felt lost and in need of guidance (which was a lot!). I kept asking (probably much like a child asking the same question over and over and not quite understanding the answer); “What is my purpose?”

And the card I kept getting was…


The more I enquired, the more signs popped up, as if to affirm. My life purpose was meant to be healing.

So I took courses in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy…

Set myself up as a practitioner, and thought things would take off. They didn’t.

Although I was able to practise all these (and I still love them all); I didn’t feel entirely comfortable working on complete strangers. It took a lot of effort on my part to ground and shield myself from picking ‘stuff’ up; and as I was suffering heavily with chronic fatigue at the time, I would have had to get a certain number of clients to support myself financially.

On top of all that, it just didn’t feel like what I was trying to achieve was the right path. It felt good, but not like it was meant for me.

So how am I meant to be a healer then??

Well, there’s a lot more to healing than just therapies & the medical side of things. I made a list of some of the ways people can make a living and align with a life purpose of being a healer:

Roles of a Healer

  • Holistic therapist
  • Medical professional
  • Herbalist
  • Witch
  • Mother/Father
  • Teachers
  • Artists/musicians
  • Coaches
  • In fact, pretty much any role has the potential to bring about healing, in the right circumstances.

In my case, I know I’m passionate about learning and self-development. Books, certificates, courses; I just wanna drink them all in! It was then I realised I was far more excited about sharing all this information I’d learnt with others in able for them to learn and grow from it. And the more I can use these tools I’ve learnt in my own life to learn, grow and change, and to heal; then the more I can share that with others so they can do the same to heal themselves or others.

I’m no guru. I don’t know it all. I fuck up a lot. But as the years have passed, my definition of a healer has changed. Not like the healer healing the healee. But the ‘healer’ being part of something bigger. Are you joining us?


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  1. With you there Soul sister. Healing comes in many forms and I beleive when we are being creative you find your passion. Loving the blogs, I love the way you can get things across in such a genuine, authentic way

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