Are You A Multi-Passionate Mama?

You may or may not have already heard of the terms ‘multi-passionate’, ‘multipotentialite’, ‘scanner’ or ‘Renaissance Soul’ to describe people who have a multitude of interests.

However, it goes a bit deeper than just someone who may have lots of things on the go. And when your brain works at like, 1000 miles per hour, it can also be pretty difficult to get a handle on this ‘find your purpose, get out there and serve’ malarky – especially on top of raising a family!!

Here are some classic signs of the Multi-Passionate Mama:

Spotting a Multi-Passionate Mama

  • Are you drawn to a wide range of interests/hobbies and find it impossible to pick just one?
  • Do you know a little bit about a wide variety of different things, rather than in-depth, specialist knowledge on one thing?
  • Do you enjoy working more than one job, business or project at the same time?
  • Do you dream of settting up a succesful business, but aren’t making progress because you cant find a way to merge all your interests together?
  • Have you ever been described as lacking in focus, indecisive or unable to commit?
  • Do you find it difficult to define your ideal job?
  • Do you become intensely┬ápassionate about something, only to lose interest once you’ve learnt all you can and then want to move onto something else?
  • Do you find it difficult to choose just one thing to do when you’ve got spare time?
  • Did you have trouble choosing a college course, degree or major?

I would deffo describe myself as a Multi-Passionate. There are times when I’m pushing for forward movement and there are just no ideas on what to do next; then one day BOOM ideas download and I will be up at 5AM because my brain has thought up 1,253 ways to proceed and is currently outlining how to go about them all.

I couldn’t choose a subject for Uni, so I took Combined Honours in three different ones – but I had no idea where I was going so dropped out after the first year. Twice.

I’ve worked a LOT of different jobs too. I started off in traditional employment, doing allsorts from copywriting, cleaning and even working at a smoothie bar (yum). I just found that doing the same thing, day in day out, bored me to death. There had to be more to life than this!

So for the last 8 years I’ve been self-employed; but of course being a Multi-Passionate I’ve not stuck to one thing. There’s been running an eco-friendly cleaning company, hyperlocal blogging, freelance writing, holistic therapies, web design/development, and coaching. Phew!

Ironically, it was the rather drama-filled pregnancy and arrival of my first daughter that really seemed to help me get my shit together – especially when it came to time management!

As A Multi-Passionate, you might be feeling:

  • Like you want to do something more meaningful with your life
  • Stuck and unable to see a way forward
  • Overwhelmed with too many potential avenues to go down
  • Resentful as you’re trying to please others and get no validation of how you feel
  • Like there’s never enough time in the day
  • Guilty – especially in relation to nurturing your multipassionate personality and looking after your kids
  • Frustrated – you want to have/do it all and cant find a way to make it work
  • Bored or unmotivated in your career

If this all sounds pretty familiar, then you may well be a Multi-Passionate!

So, now what?!

  • Well, if you’re interested in finding out more about your strengths and the different variations of Multi-Passionates or ‘Scanners’ – then I really recommend the book ‘Refuse to Choose‘ by Barbara Sher. It’s like the Multi-Passionate Bible and helps you start to figure out how you can use all of your interests, passions and hobbies to create the life and career that you envision for yourself.
  • If you do feel as if you’re going around in circles and you’re trying to juggle work, family and time to look after yourself, accountability and support can work wonders. Why not join us over at the Multi-Passionate Mamas Facebook Group?
  • And finally if you’re about to or have recently become a new mama, check out the link at the top to download The Self Care Workbook for New Moms, and get some tips for navigating this pretty full-on transition too.

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