Are You Playing Small?

Playing small seems to be something that doesn’t afflict as many men as it does women. In the main, guys are pretty good at tooting their own horns. But women, not as much. Besides, if we do people assume we’re arrogant, bolshy or think we’re better than everyone.

And yeah, if we’re doing it from an ego-based point, then using our inner power can become inauthentic, controlling or narcissistic.

But if we’re connected fully and balanced with our own inner power in a healthy way, then why play small?

Some reasons we continue to play small are:

  • We don’t want people to think badly or us or to lose friends because we’re at a different place or going on a different journey to them
  • We have a fear of being truly SEEN, it can make us vulnerable
  • We’re trying to fit someone else’s perception of ourselves, or even one that’s self-created and impossible to live up to
  • We’re afraid we will fail – and the bigger we play, the more people will witness it
  • It’s what we know – and that’s within our comfort zone. It’s safe.

Unfortunately, although our survival mechanism keeps us safe and out of vulnerabilities’ way, it doesn’t really let us invite the results we’re looking for into our lives.

Playing big involves change. This can be uncomfortable. Hell, it’sĀ supposedĀ to be uncomfortable! But something great happens when we’ve worked on connecting with our own power and intuition.

When we’ve invested time and care into our own inner guidance system, it works for us. It nudges us in the right direction. It can give us a bit more of a shove if we’re being overly stubborn and resistant. It shows up at those uncomfortable, ‘I don’t know about this’ kinda points, with a deeper knowing that what we’re about to do is the right way to go.

Even when we have no idea what’s gonna happen next.

Where are you playing small? How could you play bigger?



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