Baby Steps – Change to a Greener Lifestyle

Well, I am still here! Unfortunately I’ve been sooper dooper busy with the whole moving house malarky so my posts have been suffering! But now I’m back and raring to get started!

So right now, I’ve come up to the summer-house to write. I have a nice view over the estuary although it’s a little cloudy today. Right now I’m trying to centre myself because the cold fact that I’m technically unemployed has hit!

Naturally this brings up a loooooot of fear – because of the uncertainty. I don’t have the guarantee that I can go out several times this month and have some cash to pay the bills from it. I’ve stepped with blind faith into the unknown, so right now, faith is all I have.

The last couple of weeks, my Angel Card Readings have kept reminding us the importance of keeping our thoughts in a positive place so that we can effectively and successfully manifest what we need in our lives.

So I’m not going to focus on the fear. Instead I’m gonna focus on the positive. Like taking more steps to commit to a greener lifestyle.


If I can't write here, I never bloody will.
If I can’t write here, I never bloody will.

A few years ago I was not very ‘green’ at all. I’m still a long way off my ideal. In my head I must be eco-mama (or pre-mama) extraordinaire, waking to a day of tending my extensive herb/vegetable garden combined with knocking out a batch of freshly-made herbal products as well as a top-notch vegetarian tea for the hubby when he returns from work (all from my own garden of course). I must do all of this in a floaty wrap dress from People Tree and relax with 1 glass of organic wine in the evening. The next day I will write half a book and paint something so awesome that the servers will crash when I upload it to my online shop. In the meantime, I will bake something marvellous.

Also, I will have lots of pets that will be wonderfully behaved and not try my patience or destroy my house.

Add to this I will be doing reiki, crystal layouts and card readings left right and centre.

Ok, so I’m er, not quite there yet.

But changing to a greener lifestyle can be overwhelming. You can’t do or be everything. Just take baby steps and change one or two things. Nobody will bollock you for actually going to the shop to buy veg or shoving something in the oven for tea.

I’m using my move as a push for a few more changes in the right direction. I really struggled to grow anything at all before as I had a North-facing garden that got bog all sunlight.

Now I have part of a large shared garden, but i have 2 large beds that get the sun for most of the day, so I’m going to buy some herbs to fill them with.

Unlike Lancaster, South Lakeland haven’t bought in recycling food waste yet – but I’m going to try and continue and set up a little compost maker.

I can’t get my veg box delivered any more but with more time on my hands I plan to travel to the nearest town to pick up fruit and veg every week as I don’t think I’m quite ready to grow my own just yet!

I’m also scouring online for natural, home-made recipes for stuff I can make myself.

And everyone cross their fingers my damson tree fruits this year, because if it does the gin will be flowing come Christmas.

These are my ‘baby steps’. What are yours?

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