The best eco friendly multi purpose cleaners

**update** Life has changed a lot since this post, but my best eco friendly multi purpose cleaners haven’t. However, I obviously don’t need all of these nowadays, and currently my best green multi purpose cleaner is still diluted Earth Friendly Orange Mate. Pretty much every other cleaning product is BioD in my house now though!

We are now in Spring Clean season!  I don’t know about you but I am verrrrry glad that Spring is finally here!! The only downside of all this new found sunshine is that it really shows up all the dust and dirt in the home… Despite running a cleaning business, I still suffer from the same dusty/mucky problems as others – not because I don’t clean my house (I probably spend about 4-6 hours a week and that’s me ‘toning it down’!), but I do enjoy cooking and don’t use a tumble drier. Additionally, all my towels are black. Enough said.

Although it’s lovely to make your own multi-surface cleaner to give everything a once over, sometimes you just don’t have the bloody time!! Here are a couple of my best eco friendly multi purpose cleaners that I like to use at work…


Earth Friendly Orange Mate

This one definitely scores high for smelling good! It’s awesome orangey smell comes from natural orange oil that makes cleaning, well, happier. This oil also brings out the best in wooden furniture, but best of all it has degreasing properties – use diluted in the spray bottle for cleaning surfaces etc., or get the Concentrate bottle and try some neat on the more stubborn stuff (e.g. the grease around the hob area).

Earth Friendly get a big thumbs up for saving on packaging too – the Concentrate bottle is just like a bottle of orange squash (but not drinkable!!), and with water added will make around 7 spray bottles, meaning it’s rather good value for money.

Ecover  Multi-Action Spray 

Good old Ecover does the job on pretty much any surface. It doesn’t streak either, so if you’re out of glass cleaner you can just about get away with using this spray instead! It’s halfway there with the packaging effort – you can buy refills (basically another bottle with no trigger), but I’d like to see Ecover offer this in the 15L Bag in a Box initiative that they have for their dilute cleaner, and some of the popular washing up and laundry liquids.


Method All Purpose Spray

There’s a couple of ‘flavours’ of this one – Lavender or Pink Grapefruit; both smell equally lovely! I love Method and use it at home, but I don’t use it at work for a couple of reasons – there are no refills or concentrates, and it is rather pricey. I would probably have no profits left if I only used this! However the bottles are well presented and it’s one I can leave out without having to hide it under the sink!!


Bio D Multi Purpose Cleaner

If you’re conscious of buying to support UK businesses, check out Bio D. It’s no-nonsense stuff from Yorkshire! Not really any lovely smells to speak of here, in fact it doesn’t really smell of much at all – but it does the job! BUAV and Vegan Society approved, just like Ecover you can also buy refill bottles.


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