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Autumn Equinox

That magical time of year is here again – bring on Le Equinox! Ok, so this post is Northern-Hemisphere-Orientated…sorry other-side-of-world peeps but I just LOVE autumn The energy of Equinox is always so distinct from that of the weeks before and after it… shifts, changes, death/rebirth…

The Resistance

I got kinda stuck for ideas today. Most of what I plan to write about is something I can only really start once we’ve moved to the new house – at the moment, I have no garden other than a back yard with no privacy and most of my cooking stuff/anything I own is in …

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Dealing with Regret

Non, je ne regrette rien… OK…hands up who’s never regretted any decision they have ever made. If allowed to flourish, regret can be long-lasting, deep-seated and an extremely heavy emotion to carry around in our backpack of life. It keeps the roots of our growth entrenched in the past, instead of in the present moment.