Celebrating Summer Solstice

It’s the Summer Solstice this Friday people! (Or if you’re a fellow Pagan, Litha 🙂

Do you mark the occasion? Technically, you’re supposed to either pull an all-nighter or get up before dawn to greet the rising sun…neither of which I can particularly see happening in my household!!

Here’s two other ideas….

photo credit: tarotastic via photopin cc
photo credit: tarotastic via photopin cc

Feast! – Any excuse to crack open a bottle, but Solstice is the time for red wine (usually used in Pagan ritual, make it STRONG), and mead…. If you cannot locate any mead i your local supermarket, stick with goldeny liquids, notably cider (any variety will do, I’m going for a berry flavour so it’s a nice red one).

To balance out any blatant drunkeness that may occur, get some freshly-made salads on the go with red and yellow vegetables. Right now my favourite is bunging various types of salad leaves in a bowl with cherry tomatoes, sweet bite peppers and plenty of feta cheese, then drizzling it with balsamic vinegar. Yum.

Of course if the weather is nice, the best way to celebrate is by pulling out The Trusty Barbeque…

Work with crystals  – If you work with crystal layouts, grids or meditate with them, good crystals to use to encapsulate the solstice energy include sunny stones like carnelian, red jasper, sun stone and amber.

If you know how to program crystals, doing it with the energy of solstice will make a lovely stone to have come winter when the sun is but a distant memory! If not, don’t worry and keep your eyes peeled, because I can help!

If you have any jewellery, leave it out on the window ledge to catch some rays from the early morning Solstice sun. If there isn’t any sun, you can use a candle instead 🙂


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