Content Batching for Leave & Holidays

‘Content Batching’ is probably a term we’ve all heard of before, but how do you go about actually making it happen?

Picture the scene…you want to take some time off for a break, or perhaps you’re going on a longer leave like maternity or travelling and you need to keep the business ticking over and maintain a presence. You won’t have the time to consistently produce content during your leave, so you need to find a way to do it so you can set it up beforehand.

There’s a lot of successful businesses out there who have effectively used content batching to keep ‘putting it out there’, and actually continued to maintain their business income whilst taking some valuable time away from the business.

There’s certainly other factors involved here, but batching is an important part of showing customers that the business is still going, and that there’s still some degree of availability.

So…where to start?

Get clear on timescales

What period of time do you need ‘cover’ for in terms of content production? There’s the actual time period you’re going to be away from the business for, and it may also be prudent to cover a ‘buffer zone’ for the beginning and end of this period. I learnt that the hard way when my maternity leave started a couple of months earlier than expected!

break it down and block it out

Consider how much content you need to produce during this period. Do you do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly blog posts for example? How often do you send out newsletters to your mailing list? Will you be releasing any other content as part of a membership site for example?

Once you know how much content you need to produce, you need to sit down and schedule in some time to actually produce it. If you wait until you feel in a ‘content production’ kinda mood, you’re probably going to run out of time. How long have you got to produce the content? Exactly how much time are you going to need, and when can you block out that time and stick to it?


Once you’ve got the time blocked out, the next step is to systemise the production. This doesn’t sound very sexy, and yeah you can just sit down when you’re in the mood and crack out a blog post – but in this case you’ve got a measurable amount to produce and systemising that production helps to ensure that you’re getting it done in time.

Systemising = Consistency

So, how do you systemise content production? Well, in terms of things like video content you may set aside a day or half-day to record a few different videos, often if you have a series it can be more beneficial for you to do them in one go anyway rather than jumping back into it after a week has passed.

When it comes to things like blog posts, having a schedule in place can help you get things done (I’ve got one that I put into my weekly planner). A good base to go off is:

  • Choose blog topics, save out each one as a new Post in WordPress
  • Write takeaway/learning points
  • Write rest of copy, including any next steps you want the reader to take
  • Schedule posts to publish
  • Source featured images, and write out social media posts + schedule

You can find more detail and tips here too – How To Blog Consistently

going live

Once you’ve produced the content you need to see you through and scheduled it all to go out over the period, you’ll still need to cast an eye over it once it does go out to make sure there are no errors, or to respond to feedback from people. That’s why its useful to have it written down on a calendar or in a planner what’s going out when.