Crystals for the Menstrual Cycle

Let’s focus on something practical today. We don’t always have to delve down into the great chasm of emotions and thoughts to work with the healing power of crystals!

Today is a post for theĀ laydeez.

The menstrual cycle has changed in the eyes of the ‘end user’ (God, I’m such a geek) over the years… What was once a revered and sacred time of the month for women has become something of a nuisance in the modern world. Many women will remember a time when they ‘ran on’ packets of contraceptive pills, simply because they didn’t want to deal with the ol’ Crimson Tide on holiday!

It’s debatable whether modern living has an effect on our monthly cycle – but as many women now suffer from heavy/painful periods, irregular cycles or polycystic ovaries, it seems that falling out of touch with our body’s rhythms over the generations may have come at a price.

When choosing crystals to work with for your menstrual cycle, my first advice would be to choose them intuitively, and ideally during your period. This is the time in a woman’s cycle where she is most intuitive (or very immersed into the Emotional Body); so this is a great time to work with your body to find out what particular crystal vibration it needs.

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