Dark Feminine

A lot of people have heard of the concepts of ‘dark’ and ‘light’ energies, and the Masculine and Feminine, but in terms of connecting with those energies, our culture tends to place the emphasis on focussing and living through ‘lighter’ energy.

Many New-Age-type books now seem to focus entirely on the lighter side of things, which I often find a little frustrating. Because at quite a few points in my life now, the Dark Feminine has showed up in my life –  sometimes with a more gradual approach, and sometime blatantly just barging in the door, destroying everything and pretty much taking over until I’m a gibbering wreck. That’s usually after I’ve refused to acknowledge something or tried to avoid her presence.

Admittedly, we’re taught to avoid the dark, the unknown, the ‘unsafe’, the stuff that brings out our fears; and gravitate towards, the known, the safe, the standard path, things that bring instant gratification. So going against that and entering the unknown seems like too great, too expensive a task. We kinda want to do the work, but on par with our own comfort levels. We don’t mind a bit of mess, but absolute carnage seems completely terrifying.

Until it happens, and you’ve come out the other side wondering what the hell happened. But actually, you’re still in one piece. And crucially, you’ve had a glimpse of how strong you actually are.

Because I’m obsessed with everything pregnancy and birth, I’m drawing a lot of parallels at the moment. Resting in the darkness, waiting – because there’s no action can be taken here. Everything you know and hold familiar is stripped away. The act of moving towards the final point, the unknown, going more and more within and out of this day-to-day world. Connecting with something that seems a little greater than ourselves. Unrooting a power that we didn’t know we had until maybe we’re in the middle of life and death, bringing a new soul into this world.

I’m still gonna create my safe/sacred space for when i give birth, focus on the positive mindset that my body and my baby know what they’re doing. But I also feel very called at the moment to embrace the energies of the Dark Feminine. That bloody, messy, untamed power source.

Dark Feminine usually shows up at times of transition, whether we want her to or not. We don’t usually seek her out, but once you’ve realised her presence it’s usually easier if you acknowledge that rather than try push her away, mute her or pretend she’s not there!

She carries the lessons that maybe we don’t want to or feel ready to learn at the time, but then looking back – maybe we’re kinda glad in a way that we did.

Further Reading

Some great books for getting more of an understanding are Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul; and Burning Woman.




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