Dealing With Creative Blocks

‘Blocks’ are the nemesis of many a creative-type – whether it’s Writer’s Block or Artist’s Block, the result is always creative constipation.

And just like the biological version, it makes you feel pretty crap. Great works become half-finished (or never even get started) due to these.

It’s inevitable that if you get off your ass and create something, a block will rear its ugly head, somewhere along the way.

So, how can we deal with creative blocks when they come up?

  • Simply notice them – Blocks are really passive-aggressive, and work best when no-ones paying attention. Shine a light on them and they begin to lose their potency.
  • Look a little deeper – OK, you’re stuck. Is there an underlying reason, such as fear or self-worth, that’s sabotaging your efforts?
  • Accept them – It’s not easy, especially if you are tied to a specific deadline. However, if you’re not aware of any underlying reasons, it may simply be a little lesson in detaching and allowing the flow of creativity to run untamed. Don’t forget the Universal law of Divine Timing too – maybe right now is not the time!
  • ‘Create’ it out – If you’re a perfectionist, your creative block might be stemming from you wanting to get it sorted on the first go. Creativity is messy. Make initial headway by simply getting in the flow of what you do. Start writing/painting/making. Do not judge or analyse the results – no one’s asking you to present it or read it out in front of several hundred people!

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