Embracing Our Cyclical Nature

Today’s post aims to be a quick intro to looking at both the cycles of the Moon and the menstrual cycle, and the little tweaks we can make in our own lives to live a life more in flow.

Firstly, you may be using one or both of these cycles in your own life, depending on whether or not you menstruate and whether or not you want to track the moon. There are many websites and apps out there for tracking both the Moon phase and your menstrual cycles – the ones I use are Moonly and Clue.

As this is more of a high level look at how to best align with the cycles, I’ll just give a few keywords below:

  • New Moon: Setting intentions and/or goals for the cycle ahead, also self-inquiry based on what sign the new Moon is in (eg. New Moon in Virgo)
  • First Quarter: Taking action on intentions, then building momentum afterwards up until the Full Moon
  • Full Moon: Celebrating what has come to fruition, acknowledging what needs to be realeased during the second half of the cycle
  • Last Quarter: Reviewing any difficulties in letting go, expressing gratitude for what came to you as the old things leave
  • Dark Moon: Introspection, review, paying attention to the emotions.

Although I use my cycle as a guide to how I’m operating in the world, I also enjoy using a Moon Journal to record some thoughts at each of the above stages. Some people find their menstrual cycle aligns with either the New Moon or the Full Moon – personally I’ve found that mine went one way for a while, then moved over a few months to the other, and is now moving again, so probably overall it doesn’t sync up.

You can also track your menstrual cycle to give you support in your life – for example you may find that in the days before your bleed you don’t want to be around people as much, so perhaps don’t want to schedule in many social events. Tracking symptoms (eg. cramps, headaches, extremes of mood/emotion) can also give you a heads up on times you may need extra rest and self care. This isn’t necessarily the first day or two of bleeding only!

You may find that listening to your body and resting more when you need also helps to reduce any stronger symptoms like cramping and emotions – the only issue is that is often easier said than done, especially if you have young children that demand constant attention…

As I said before, focussing on menstrual cycle is not for everyone as you may not be cycling at all, or be cycling very erratically. But always follow the cues of your own body. Some ways to work with your cycle are:

  • As much as it’s practically possible to, devote the first day of your bleed to yourself. Rest up, draw an oracle card, drink cacao, eat chocolate, luxuriate in the bathroom…whatever makes you feel sacred as shit, essentially. Try not to get wound up when your kids all pile in said bathroom for a wee.
  • Notice any ‘gnarly’ points of the cycle through regular tracking. Through this I learnt Day 8-10 I will have 24 hours of being exhausted, and my decision-making is poor in the Premenstrual phase.
  • Go on Pinterest and you can find many lists of the best foods to eat during each phase of your cycle, the best exercises to do…even what kind of work/tasks to do (or not do)
  • Other than that, the easiest thing to remember is the menstrual cycle mirrors that of nature. We’re in Springtime as our fertility and energy begins to increase, up to ovulation (Summer) where hopefully we feel like a Goddess and things are coming to fruition. After ovulation it turns to Autumn and it’s time to start nesting and slowing things down.

Modern life isn’t always conducive to cyclical living. But we absolutely can integrate it into our lives to one degree or another. The wisdom of our cycles and those of the Moon may give us downloads of wisdom, or challenge us into growth – having to set boundaries, prioritising ourselves, speaking up and being visible. It’s all medicine for our soul.