Empowered Mothers Network – A Manifesto

It’s been almost 4 years since I wrote a blog post on this website (well, the old incarnation of it.) Since then there’s been a pandemic, a pregnancy and my father died. Well, they are the stand-out things!

So, I had been mulling over for probably nearly 6 months or so whether to bring back EMN. Whether it was worth the effort, when I’m still in a phase of life that’s pretty strapped for time. But I’ve had a lot of time to mull things over now, and of course seeing death unfold seems to permanently change you (as does seeing birth). So I’ve decided to get a website back up, the old Instagram account and an email list.

I think I wrote on Instagram recently about the change in direction here. Originally, the content was aimed at pregnant and new mothers, with a focus on postpartum. This is still very important and will no doubt be covered within posts in the future, but it’s no longer the sole focus.

My aim here now is to stand beside those who, like me, want to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. They don’t want to be passive in their lives, and let things happen ‘to them’ instead of ‘for them’.

Inevitably, my own path is becoming very influenced by the Stoic philosophy, which I hope to incorporate into the ethos of this site. There are many ways that following a Stoic path can benefit those drawn to motherhood or caregiving, and that can help us to gain some clarity at an often confusing time in life, and forge forward.

What I’m finding interesting, is the balance of the oft-masculine oriented principles of Stoicism, and balancing those out with the cyclical living I now follow in terms of menstrual and moon.

What To Expect

If I outline things here, I have a reason to stick to it, right?

So. A post every week. Probably on a Monday. I will share it on the website, the Instagram feed and shortly, via an email newsletter. But no more than once a week.

Topics will be relating to health & wellness – expect things like fitness/exercise, nutrition, mindset, cultivating habits, Stoic living, self-sufficiency…

I’ve started sharing local events that would benefit Empowered Mothers on the Instagram feed (local being South Lakes/Cumbria UK for now), currently once a month. This could potentially be more frequent if I get notified of more events. If you have one you want sharing, DM me @empoweredmothersnetwork on Instagram. I will also try sharing some posts from others that could be of use too.

Lets see where this goes!