Essential Reading For Life Transitions

There have been a few books that I found invaluable for navigating life transitions, and below are some of my favourites. Most of them come from a spiritual slant of some degree.

There are some however not on the list that are worth a mention – when I was going through the transition of the breakup of my marriage, I found myself hoovering up all the Bronte classics. I found they kind of helped in laying out the messy reality of loving and sometimes losing another person; but also hope that that kind of love could be found once again.

Here is the rest of my essential reading list for life transitions:

Burning Woman – All about The Feminine and our need for reconnection with ALL parts, including embracing the darkness/Shadow Side.

Rise Sister Rise – In a similar vein to Burning Woman, but with a bit more of a ‘lightworker’ slant; this book is full of shorts so it can be read in small chunks. It’s a good book of reminders that if you’ve gone or are going through any degree of awakening, then your voice is valid and needed!

Moods of Motherhood – One for the mamas; this is another book of shorts that remind you of the vast spectrum of feelings encountered as you transition from new mama, to a more seasoned and experienced one. It was also validating for me when going through the emotional rollercoaster of weaning from breastfeeding.

Spiritual Pregnancy: Develop, Nurture & Embrace The Journey To Motherhood – A great companion for the journey of pregnancy, with some meditations and yoga poses for each trimester.

Journey to the Dark Goddess – A lot of books based under the term of ‘spirituality’ tend to focus on positive thinking, and the lighter side. But transitions often pull us down into the darkest depths of nothing-ness where everything is messy, raw and real. This book came to me when I was seeking a guide to work with the darkness, rather than try to get away from it or pretend it wasn’t there.

Women Who Run With The Wolves – If you only read one book from this list then it should be this one! In terms of re-connecting fully with the Self, and illustrating ways we as women starve ourselves creatively, emotionally and mentally; this is a book that uses ancient stories, myths and metaphor to really poke us into looking at where we stand and what for. If you feel dis-empowered, taken advantage of or if you’re a woman in general…read this book!

Let me know about any more books you’ve found essential 🙂

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