The Ethics Of Buying Crystals

Back in 2013/2014, I studied to become a Crystal Therapist, achieving an ICGT Diploma in Crystal Therapy. Since then, crystal healing has been somewhat in the background for me as well, life got in the way…but moving forwards, it’s been my intention to continue developing my work with crystals and incorporating them into my healing practise for both myself and clients.

However, since making this intention, a friend on Facebook bought something up that I don’t feel can be ignored.

And that’s the ethics of buying crystals.

In a nutshell, a lot of crystals are NOT ethically sourced. This article explains further and a lot deeper than I can:

I think collectively, we’re trying to make better decisions now. Better buying decisions, being much more aware of what we consume and how, and ultimately better decisions for the planet. I know I am trying a lot harder in recent years as I’ve started to move towards a lifestyle with less.

But honestly…making sure my crystals are ethical has not been something I’ve deeply thought about until now. Yes, when I’ve bought crystals in the past, I’ve tried to purchase them from mainly face-to-face settings rather than off an unknown seller…but no, I can’t be sure of where those crystals originated from further up the supply chain. I guess I trusted the shops etc. up to that, but as this and other articles convey, the supply chain is often very secretive and even with the best intentions, they may just simply not know.

But, when we know better, we do better.

Crystal healing has been a massive and transformative part of my life, and I intend to carry on with this. As I’ve studied this to a Diploma level, I know the best ways to cleanse and recharge my crystals.

I can’t go back and unbuy the collection I currently have. But, I can use what I do have for good and with respect.

So going forwards:

  • I have many healing crystals, and the collection I have at present is enough to serve both my needs and the needs of others, so I plan not to really buy any more now.
  • However, if the situation arises where I’d need to bring another crystal in, perhaps as a replacement, then I will make sure that I am sourcing them from ethical beginnings in the supply chain.

This has come at a time where I’m also studying herbalism, an area where I plan to grow my own plants for use in my remedies as much as possible over buying them in. Because the intention, the energy that goes into sourcing and harvesting healing tools from our Earth is as if not more important than the healing results that take place from them.


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