Finding a good domestic cleaner – Part 3

Ok. now we come to the really important bit – you’ve hired a domestic cleaner and they are coming to your house to work their magic. So what can you do to make their life easier, and therefore give them the time to clean your house to a great standard?

Clear clutter

Spending a bit of time doing this will ensure your cleaner can work at maximum efficiency. A few extra minutes getting things off the floor and off surfaces will give your cleaner more time to concentrate on the tasks that are most important to you. You might want to clear off a shelf or top of a dresser etc every so often so that it can receive a good cleaning.

If you need help with tidying/decluttering, check with the representative at the walk-through to see if this is something that can be done – just remember that it will take extra time to side things away.

Get out of the way!

Ideally, the cleaner will come when you’re not at home. However, sometimes this isn’t feasible with sick days, school holidays, or if you work from home. If you really have nowhere else to go for the duration, then try keep to 1 room, ideally one that can be skipped.

If it needs to be done, make sure you actually leave it when the cleaner comes to do it…nobody wants to dust around someone. Likewise, if you do happen to be home, don’t start your tidying-up efforts during cleaning – you will most likely get in the way.

Make sure they have easy access

Make sure your domestic cleaner has a key if you work during the day or need to go out. If you have a driveway, make sure there’s room for them to park – this cannot be helped in some places with on-street parking but it is not fun to have to carry a plethora of equipment to a house and then run around cleaning it!


Remember washing up takes extra time, and you might want to remove any items on the drainer so your cleaner can get any grot off the dish rack or draining board. If you don’t have instant hot water, do ensure that there will be enough for cleaning and mopping, or instruct the cleaner on how to work the immersion heater.

Loo brush

If you don’t own one of those disposable toilet-cleaning-pad-thingys, then for goodness sake make sure you have one.

Fragile things

Put them away or move then to the sides of the room, don’t leave them where an accident could happen if you can help it. Also put any valuables out of sight, however honest your cleaner is, it’s not a good idea to leave jewellery and money lying around.

Bedsheets and towels

If you would like your cleaner to change the bedsheets and/or towels,  leave the new ones out or make sure the cleaner knows where they are stored. This also applies to other items such as specialist cleaning products, bin bags etc.

Turn the heating down…

What feels like an ambient temperature for you, sat at the computer, is in fact causing your cleaner to melt. It will also cause her to go slower; combined with running up and down stairs and the vacuum blowing out hot air, it’s a real struggle, so turn it down a little and put a jumper on.


Most pets are ok doing their thing. Let the cleaner know if they should stay in a particular room or if they aren’t allowed in one. If they get a bit freaky around other people/vacuums, maybe make arrangements for them to be let out in the garden if it’s nice. Having said this, I have spent a good 20 minutes trying to cajole 2 dogs into coming back inside at the end of the appointment.


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