Getting s**t done – five apps I swear by

Following on from my posts on our annoying and overly clingy friend procrastination, I’m sharing with you a few of the apps I use to keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to writing.

These are iPhone/iPad/iMac apps – (when it comes to technology, I can be a bit of a brand whore…!)

30/30 – A simple little app that combines a to-do list with a timer. Plonk your tasks in, set the amount of time you want to do them for, and off you go. Good for carving out small blocks of time for researching, brainstorming, and coffee/tea/wee breaks.


Evernote – It took me a while to get into this one, but now I’m there I love it. You can take pictures, record audio and create written notes; I have it on my iPhone where I use the voice recorder to blather on until I have the bones of a blog post. This can be ‘fleshed out’ and proofread later using the app on my iMac.


Pinterest – Obviously, creative pursuits require plenty of time looking at interior and garden design pictures to nurture and revive the creative soul. Please God, I need some pallets.


SimpleMind+ – A great brainstorming app with colourful mind mapping capabilities. Mine looks like a much more organised version of the inside of my brain.



SelfControl – Oh yes. This allows you to go cold turkey if you have a social media addiction. Just create a blacklist and/or whitelist of websites, choose the amount of time you want access blocked for, and get some bloody work done. No, you can’t turn it off, and it will still work even if you uninstall the app. Just be patient.


Although these apps are a great help, remember you still need to cultivate your internal self-control! I think I once wasted half a day simply cruising around the App store, trying to find an app to organise me and my work in pretty much every way imaginable… Hmm, ironically counter-productive.