Five Crystals for Writing

No matter who you are or what your genre, anybody who attempts to write will, at some point or another, get the dreaded Writer’s Block. As I appear to have something stored within which is getting ready to BLERGH out all over the place pretty soon, I decided to find some crystals to help me; the results of which I share with you below. You could keep them on your writing desk, wear them as jewellery, meditate with them – or get someone to throw them at your head until you bugger off and write something. Obviously, don’t try the last one – the human body is not so high up the Mohs scale.


This is a deep and fiery orange/red colour, linking to the Sacral Chakra and creativity. It has a very warming energy, and will stoke your creative fires – powering you up to rattle off that dirty novel… Carnelian also helps release stress and trauma, so is good for those of you tearing your hair out at the absence of words on the page.

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Citrine will work in a similar way to Carnelian, and also really boosts your confidence (useful when you’ve had a string of rejection letters and you think you suck).

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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye just loves to help break those creative blocks and get the words running freely again. It will help you deal with a cluttered mind and the overwhelm that can accompany it. Tiger’s Eye also encourages contact with other people, so is very useful for the writer who may become isolated.

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Although Amber is actually fossilised resin, it still carries properties and healing functions to help you. For struggling writers, Amber will sharpen thinking processes and help generate the enthusiasm for your project that usually slips by the wayside when you are stuck!

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Blue stones are linked with the blue Throat Chakra, which governs communication in all forms. Kyanite is known to bring balance to this chakra and helps you to get your point across effectively – whether spoken or written.   As a general rule of thumb, keep a lookout for orange crystals to boost your creative flow, blue crystals to help with self-expression and communication, and clear crystals such as Quartz to help with clarity of thought.

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