Four Crystals For The Office

I’ve fallen out with my office a bit. I don’t spend as much time in there as I used to, because of working less and being a full-time SAHM. It’s all well, ‘officey’. Since moving away from the world of web design and back into more intuitive and purposeful pursuits, the office is not somewhere I feel particularly creatively inspired – which is why I tend to produce content easier when sat by the view to the back garden instead. Oh, and it’s also about 5 degrees warmer at this time of year.

However, I get bored shitless of spending a large portion of the day in the lounge, so I’m making an effort to make the office a bit more aligned with where I’m going, as it has been in the past. Part of this is making the office back into a sort of ‘creative sacred space’, and moving all my crystals, cards, incense and other goodies into there.

Not everyone needs to work out of a hippy den, but crystals are always beautiful, creatively inspiring and even useful in the home office, or the one at work. Even before my reshuffle, there are some crystals that I keep in the office, and here’s why:

Crystals for the home office

Rose Quartz – This crystal always looks so beautiful and inspiring wherever you put it; and it adds a lovely gentle, balancing and calming energy to the room. I can also sit with it for some time out too.

Amethyst – A good workhorse for the office along with Malachite; Amethyst helps with those EMFs from the computer, router etc.

Pyrite – I’ve got quite a bit of this on my desk, due to its links with abundance. Also, it looks glittery and that cheers me up.

Citrine – Another stone linked with abundance, Citrine is lovely and energising too which is great for giving you a kick up the backside when you need to be producing content *nudges self*

For extra bonus points, try setting up a crystal grid in the office that relates to aligning with your purpose or bringing in abundance!

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