Four Key Questions To Determine & Shift Your Mindset

All last month, I’ve been working with my own coach for a focus on mindset. Shifting your mindset, in theory, comes across as relatively simple – but I think if it was we’d all already be living the life of our dreams!

It’s truly a process.

We need to keep observing it, perhaps to start with questioning it (without judgement), and gently correcting it’s course to make sure it’s aligned with what we TRULY want.

So firstly, we need to determine what our mindset is about a particular area we want to focus on – it could be money, relationships, our job, our health…and what issue(s) do we have with that area? For example, we want to examine our mindset in the area of relationships, because we can’t seem to find a suitable partner.

Next, make a list of your own beliefs about relationships. This could include beliefs about yourself/your partner, and also beliefs about relationships in general.

Mindset Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • Where are these beliefs originating from?
  • Are you assuming anything in these beliefs? If so, what?
  • Is there another way of thinking about this issue? (In our example, you might have identified that you believe you cant find a suitable partner because you are unloveable in some way; so are you assuming there that the problem is you? Might there be another reason?)
  • What thoughts and ‘self-talk’ pops up in your head automatically when you think of this issue? Try make a note of them so you can see the kind of language you are using.

Language is a powerful tool. It’s especially powerful when it’s coming from ourselves inside our own head. So once you’ve identified the language you are using about an issue, you know whether you need to change it. This can be done with the help of affirmations, eg:

‘I am unloveable’


‘I am an easily loveable person who has many positive traits to bring to a relationship’; or something along those lines.

You may not entirely believe it at first, but words become thoughts. If you can also find actions to back up and reinforce your new affirmations, then even better!


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