Four Tips For Finding Your Voice

If you’re here, then it’s pretty likely that you’ve noticed the shifts. More and more women are breaking old paradigms, stepping up, speaking out, being heard. We have important things to say and it’s about time this world listened.

But like many things, the gap between feeling ready internally and getting the words to flow can be overwhelmingly massive. It can feel too unsafe to speak out, too much like rubbing salt into the ‘witch wound’.

It can feel like everyone’s gonna turn on us. We struggle and stutter, the words aren’t coming, we can feel ourselves flushing up and shaking.

Other people will have comments and opinions. It’s easier, safer, to keep quiet and subscribe to the old archetypes.

Is it?

For a while, sure…but there’s something within that won’t let you sit back and settle for that.

You’re never gonna feel ready to speak up. It’s never gonna be comfortable. It will always trigger certain people and they won’t like what you have to say. It will get easier.

You will inspire others to do the same. And that’s how change happens.

Let’s look at a few ways we can help you find your voice.

Setting Boundaries

Always challenging but you cannot be heard whilst drowning in the sound of other people’s needs. This is especially challenging as a mother, but a time especially needed.

Permission to not have to agree to do everything, to stop saying yes when you need a no, to remove toxic people from your life.

As a work-related example, I’ve stopped offering ad-hoc website design tweaks to websites built elsewhere, because of the time and danger of sometimes ‘papering over the cracks’.


Finding your voice doesn’t have to start with the spoken word. To move out of a safe space into the unknown takes baby steps.

Start freewriting – check out The Artist’s Way and their concept of Morning Pages. You don’t always have to know what you’re gonna say before it comes out…and in a journal is a safe space to practise.


Similar to writing – do what it is you need to do to get that creative and expansive energy moving. Yes it might be drawing, painting…or it might be dancing or having an orgasm. You choose.

Take a Social Media break

Social Media is very full of everyone else’s voices too…AT ABOUT THIS VOLUME ALL SHOUTING OVER EACH OTHER. Noisy. And if it’s not getting lost in a sea of what other people have to say, it can be off-putting when others are saying pretty much the same kinda thing as you were going to anyway so what’s the point…

The point is, no-one is saying what you are saying, in the way that you say it.

Sometimes it can be easier for you to craft your message by tuning out that noise and choosing not to go where you will instantly contract comparison-itis. Take a break from social media and feel better 🙂


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