Gem Water & Gem Essences

Crystals are wonderful healing tools to work with, but sometimes you may need the healing properties of a stone through ways and means where a rock just cannot deliver!

Gem waters and essences are basically liquid versions of a gemstone’s energy pattern. They give a whole host of extra uses for a crystal’s healing properties than just the stone itself can provide, including:

  • Adding to bath water to treat the whole body quickly
  • Making a spray to mist over the body to cleanse the aura/subtle bodies, cleanse a room or space, or to boost the health of plants and animals
  • Using a few drops of essence on the pulse points (eg. wrists, throat, temples)
  • Adding a few drops to food and drinking water
  • A couple of drops of gem essence under the tongue (like Rescue Remedies)
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Water has been proven to hold a ‘memory’ or an energetic pattern of a crystal submerged in it – so to make a simple gem water, all you need to do is:

  • Get a clean gemstone or crystal and place it at the bottom of a clean glass tumbler or pitcher (NOTE: Please make sure the crystal you are using is safe for its purpose! Many stones are water-soluble or even toxic, so are not safe for making essences as they can make a chemical solution when is water added to them. In in doubt consult a mineralogical textbook, or stick with member of the Quartz family, which are non-toxic and hard enough for submerging in water)
  • Fill the vessel up with fresh water (ideally spring water should be used)
  • Leave for 12 hours or overnight, then remove the crystal and use the water for it’s intended purpose as soon as possible.

If you are looking for something with a longer shelf life and more of a quick ‘boost’ of crystalline energy, then you could try making a gem essence.

  • Put a suitable crystal in a plain glass bowl, and add spring water until it covers the crystal.
  • Put the bowl outside or on a window sill, in full sunlight for at least 2 hours.
  • Remove the crystal and pour the water into a dark glass storage bottle that contains at least 50% brandy or vodka (this acts as a preservative). Keep this bottle corked or covered.
  • Pour a small amount of this essence into a dropper bottle with a 50/50 mix of water and brandy – this is the bottle for regular use.
  • If using under the tongue, take at least three drops twice a day.

The great thing about using gem water and essences is that they allow the body to balance itself at it’s own pace. As long as you are careful to choose stones that are safe to use in this manner, you can have great fun experimenting with different crystalline properties and different methods of using them day to day!

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