Getting Started With Reusable Baby Wipes

Following on from my last post about plastic waste, I realised that reusable baby wipes were the next thing to get – after all, I’m already washing nappies so why not throw in the wipes while I’m at it?

I decided to buy a starter kit from Cheeky Wipes¬†which worked out great for me – they do two different starter kits depending on whether you already use cloth nappies or not. If you already use washable nappies, then you’ve probably already got a nappy bucket/bin for dirties and a wet bag for dirties when out and about. That way, you can just use these and get the starter kit thats a bit cheaper.

I’ve got plenty of white cotton terry wipes so that theres still plenty when there’s both babies to clean – these are fab for bums and so much easier to use than baby wipes – I’ve been using 2-4 terry wipes where I would’ve used 4-6 baby wipes. Also got some bamboo/minky wipes for face & hands because weaning is BLOODY MESSY and surely my thrown-away baby wipes from this alone would be enough to fill a landfill the size of Manchester.

They are very easy to use – you just fill the box with a bit of water in the morning, add a bit of essential oil mix and then soak the clean wipes until you use them. I’m using a tub every 2 days atm so it coincides with the nappy wash.

The nice thing is that during this crazy cold snowstorm weather, I can fill the box in the morning with warm water, so baby can wake up with a nice warm wipe instead of a shockingly cold one!

All-in-all I’m totally happy with this switch – it takes me barely any extra effort (In fact, its easier to grab a wipe out the open box one-handed then wrestling with a bloody wet wipe packet), theres no chemicals involved, and of course – my bin is now no longer full of wipes and nappy sacks.

Compared to the cost of the baby wipes I used to buy, these ones will have paid for themselves in a few months’ time.


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