Gluten-free Summer Foods

The UK is currently sweltering. Even in the Lakes, which often manages to find the nearest raincloud, we are slowly melting away!

With this in mind, my current office is South-facing. There is no blind on the window, and even a fan is doing not a great lot! I’m struggling to do two things in this heat – blog and cook.

There is no way I want to go near an oven or hob at the moment!

In previous summers gone by, I would scoff things for tea like quiches and sandwiches. However, I’m no longer good friends with gluten, which means I needed to find an alternative – salads are the main staple food at the moment, but I really need to jazz it up a bit!


For those of you who want to avoid both gluten and the cooker at the moment, here are a few recipes I found:

Lots of gluten-free recipes here; some involve cooking and some don’t (yay)

Tofu scramble with spinach & tomato – I lurrrrrve this one for lunch! A bit of pan action but not too bad!!

Check out these dairy-free ice creams!

15 gluten-free appetizers – because it’s finger-food weather!


At the moment, I’m living off chicken salad dowsed in Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing, fruit smoothies and microwavable rice (!) – but we might treat ourselves to some gluten-free sausages tonight (if I can just turn that damn grill on….)

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