Green Cleaning Spotlight – The Toilet

In this first of a series of posts, I’m going to spill the beans on how you can keep your home clean in an eco-friendly way (whilst not spending too much time keeping it that way).

First up, we’re going to plough right in and tackle the least favourite thing on the cleaning rota – the loo.

Cleaning the Toilet

What you will need:

  • An eco-friendly toilet cleaner (Brands available include Ecover, Bio D, Method and more; alternatively you can grab some white vinegar & bicarb of soda and read on)
  • An eco-friendly bathroom spray (If you want to make your own, I’ll share a recipe in an upcoming post)
  • At least 1 microfibre cloth (colour coded for hygiene purposes; I use yellow for toilets)
  • A loo brush, a bit of toilet paper and some rubber gloves if you prefer
photo credit: Lawrence Whittemore via photopin cc

To clean:

  • If the toilet is particularly dusty, you will want to wipe off as much dust as possible first with a little bit of loo roll, but don’t put it down the toilet yet
  • Squirt toilet cleaner around the rim; if using soda & vinegar, just sprinkle a generous amount of soda around the bowl at this point
  • Fold the cloth into 4 and spray one side liberally with bathroom spray
  • Wipe the cistern lid, button/handle, front of cistern (if needed), toilet lid and porcelain areas where the seat fixings are
  • Turn cloth over and use the other side; spray again and wipe the inside lid, seat, under the seat and rim
  • Finally wipe the underside of the bowl at the front and around the base (If you have men in the house who pee standing up, this may well need some extra spraying.)
  • Different sides of the cloth can be used depending on how soiled they get. If it’s really bad you may well need more than one cloth
  • If using soda & vinegar, pour the vinegar all over the soda so it hisses and bubbles. Scrub the toilet rim, bowl and bottom. Flush and make sure the brush is held in the water stream to remove any ‘extras’. Tap on the rim and replace
  • Finally, you may find that as you wipe the toilet you have pushed dust around which remains on the porcelain. Simply use a bit more loo roll to wipe off any excess dust and flush

Your loo should now be clean!

How often do I clean this?: At least once a week – if you have boys in the household this may need doing twice a week though!

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