Guest Post: The Self Worth Spiral

Firstly, I’m gonna apologise in advance if this post is a little, shall we say, ‘disjointed’.

One of the things we’re taught when writing is to employ a structure – a beginning, middle and conclusion or end-part.

This is useful in things like academic essays, because it stops us going off on a tangent. It keeps us focussed.

However, sometimes structure can be waaaay too limiting. You can’t get your shit across. Alternatively, you might find there’s just no structure available for you to utilise – does that mean you shouldn’t bother writing at all?

Hell no!

Structure then, can be likened to beliefs – It’s great at assisting us in reaching our goals, providing that we have enough drive behind us to take action steps in that direction.

Too much, and we’re imposing limiting beliefs on ourselves. If I believe I must start at the beginning, but I’m not sure what that is at this moment in time, am I really gonna write the damn thing? Nah, I’m gonna put it off until I know what to start off with – and really I need to know what’s going to happen in the middle, and of course I should know what the conclusion is going to be and… yeah, it’s not getting written.

Thus, the cycle begins – now I feel crap because I am ‘unable’ to start. Naturally, this makes me feel rubbish and kinda annoyed at myself. The more I feel like this, the more I get frustrated at myself and the more my sense of self-worth takes a bollocking. And when that happens, I end up inviting more limiting beliefs to come and play in my brain.

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