How To Manage Any Form Of House Cleaning With A Baby

Short post today, because I am sleep-deprived (not because of either of the babies either; although the second one noticed I was awake most of the night and proceeded to have a kickabout).

Because I’m knackered, the topic of managing house cleaning with a baby seemed a fairly appropriate one. Depending on how old/independent said baby is, getting anything done in the house is pretty much a win. But I like a clean/tidy house (I’ve lowered my standards from pre-kids though or I’d have some sort of nervous breakdown).

I seem to have lost entire days just tidying up/functioning; especially in the newborn period! It seems that once the house is tidy and I’ve worked a few days a week, there’s not much time left for actual cleaning. So heres how I manage actual house cleaning with a baby (or two):

Make some kind of schedule

Yeah I know, boring but it works. Mine is as follows:

  • Daily: Quick tidy-up, do laundry (washable nappies so always something to wash, dry or put away), unload/load dishwasher, do any washing up, quickly wipe kitchen worktop. Doing this daily just about keeps on top of everything enough to prevent backlogs (i.e. Laundry Mountain or Washing-up Wasteland, both of which took all Easter weekend amongst other things to catch up on).
  • I’ve then got a bit of time each day for: MONDAY – Do the bathroom (I just end up steaming it now)
  • TUESDAY – Clean the kitchen properly (again I just go round with the steamer)
  • WEDNESDAY – Glass/Mirrors, but I often cant be arsed
  • THURSDAY – Dusting (I will do it some point today, honest)
  • FRIDAY – Vacuuming

Note this leaves no time for ironing – the ironing pile now consists only of Things That Are Completely Creased To Fuck and is done everytime there’s a General Election.

If baby is still in The Newborn Period: Just don’t bother. Order partner to do certain tasks. In fact, do that anyway. For me the glass, dusting then bathroom are the first to suffer. Also consider getting some help. I’m probably going to take the cash I currently spend on chocolate biscuits and get a cleaner in a few months.

Any cleaning with baby (not literally) tips? Leave them below!


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