How To Move Forwards When You’ve Too Many Ideas

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You can find it pretty difficult to focus on one project/hobby; perhaps you’ve bought a ton of online courses, or you’re a fellow I’ve-got-about-10-half-read-books-stashed-down-the-side-of-the-bed mama
  • You can get narked at yourself for knowing you have a purpose as well as being a mama; but you aren’t clear what it is
  • You find that sometimes, when you get those moments of really being able to switch off and actually hear yourself think (I know, we don’t get many nowadays!), eg. when you’re in the shower, that sudden flurries of ideas appear and you have to stop whatever you’re doing and go write them down lest they are The Best Idea Ever (and you can’t risk losing The Best Idea Ever, right? It could be the one that makes you a millionaire!)
  • Your view of life is that doing one thing is BORING. You maybe have your head in several things at once, do more than one thing for a living, or become intensely absorbed in something for a while until you can learn no more – then it feels like you’ve exhausted it and you want to move onto something else

If these resonate with you, then you may well be what Barbara Sher talks about as a ‘Scanner’; Emilie Wapnick calls a ‘Multipotentialite’; and I call a Multipassionate Mama.

Depending on how aware you are of this, you can find amazing strengths and usefulness, or it can be a bit, well, overwhelming. My aim over some of my upcoming blog posts and videos is to share with you a bit more about what traits are common, and how you can actually harness them to create a life where you feel fulfilled and don’t lose that passion.

So today, I’m looking at one of the common bugbears of a Multipassionate Mama; too many bloody ideas.

If you have a baby or a young child, it may not be them keeping you awake at night, but rather a sudden flurry of ideas!

On paper, too many ideas sounds fab, but the reality is they can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and actually even more stuck because you don’t know which to grab first.

Also, when I get a surge of ideas, they’re not necessarily related to each other. They might clash or contradict other ideas; for example if you’ve started pouring yourself into a project and then another idea comes along that maybe jars with it, you can find yourself wondering whether to even continue with the original project – maybe even abandoning it or trying to run multiple projects on a total lack of time.

So, how do you get anywhere? How do you make forward progress and not end up like a cat chasing a laser pen?

Ride The Ideas Wave

When they come, try and give them some space. Write them down, record them in some way so you can reference them at a later date – then try to resist the temptation to immediately start grabbing them and running with them.

Let some time pass before reviewing their merit – a great example is when I have an ideas download, I will try write them all down in a lovely brain-dump; then I’ll go out for a walk. Gives me a chance to clear my head and move towards looking at them a little more objectively rather than when I’m buzzing and everything seems an amazing idea and I need to crack on NOW.

Simplify – Do They Align With Your Core Values?

Firstly, being a mama takes up a hell of a lot of time. There’s usually not much room for All The Other Stuff. So for an idea to make it into action, it’s gotta fit with your core values and lifestyle.

If building a business that works around your life as a wife/partner/mother is your ideal for example, then you’re going to have to really sit with multiple ideas to realistically ascertain if you have the time available, or if there’s something in your life currently that you would be willing to sacrifice in some way to bring the idea to fruition.

A good example of this is having a career-related idea – would it fit around your kids, or would you need to get some childcare whilst you work on it? And if so, is that something you’d be happy to do?

Test Drive

If an idea aligns with your core values and feels intuitvely like something you feel called to pursue; then don’t be scared of going for it! It may lead you down the path you were looking for, or you may find that after a while, it’s not something you want to pursue anymore.

The fact that you pursued it in the first place isn’t wrong though – many things we just shrug off as ‘failures’ or dead-ends in fact give us valuable lessons which we can carry forward into other ideas of our life (and other ideas).

Stay Open And Season To Taste

Once you’ve started simplifying and test-driving some of your ideas, you may find one or two to commit to. Some may have to wait by the roadside for now, but that’s ok because you’re making forward movement.

As you make this movement, it’s important to stay open to the possibilities and opportunities that can naturally arise as a result of your original idea, but that you maybe could not foresee or plan for. It’s also important to keep prioritising at this point – season your own unique path to taste and glean feedback from how you’re feeling.

Enjoy the journey!

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