Kinder To Baby, Kinder To The Planet

A bit of a gap since my last post, but hey, it wasn’t two years this time…

Anyway, Lots Of Things have been going on. The main one is baby-shaped and goes by the name of Aurora.

She was born by C-section at only 34 weeks as I had PPROM and Placenta Previa, and the doctors wanted to get her out before the risk of a larger bleed outweighed the benefits of her still developing inside.

Anyway, just under 3 weeks in neonatal and she got to come home at a teeny 2.2kg. Shes now 10 weeks old and has just started to fit into Newborn/First Size clothes which is kinda odd!

Its not all been entirely easy, especially establishing breastfeeding, but we’re all muddling through as you do. As with other things in the household, I’m trying to buy things for her which are a bit more natural/eco-friendly than some of the chemical crap that’s out there.

So here a a few things we use which I recommend:

Anything from the Weleda Baby range

Yeah, I’m a total Weleda addict now. Got one or two bits for Aurora then more for me to treat myself after months in and out of hospital. We’ve tried:

  • Nursing Tea (which is really good for helping with milk supply, only problem is its quite pricy and you’re supposed to drink 3 cups a day – i just reused the bag then ended up buying Pukka Three Fennel which helps in pretty much the same way)
  • Nursing Oil – my poor small and perky boobs are now larger and ravaged. Nursing Oil is nice to put on and again helps with the milk production.
  • Baby Tummy Oil – this smells lush and is supposed to help with baby’s digestion. We try this after bathtime usually but it’s a bit difficult to massage Aura’s tummy as she screams blue murder and tries to kick the shit out of me.
  • Calendula Baby Lotion – The whole Calendula line smells awesome, keeps her skin super soft and is nice and natural to go on baby’s skin.
  • Calendula Nappy Cream – She doesnt get nappy rash much, but this stuff is amazing. So much so, I bought four tubes.

Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappies and Organic Baby Wipes

New mums may have noticed the Beaming Baby voucher offer that comes in the Bounty packs. Knowing it would be a while before she fit in washables, I needed to stock up with disposables first. Whilst we were in hospital we just grabbed some from Asda, which just gave her a slightly red arse, so once we got out I decided to try the Size 1 biodegradable naps from Beaming Baby.

They’re not full of the chemicals that standard disposable are, so they don’t irritate her skin and she doesn’t get nappy rash as much. They’re also much better overnight at holding everything.

We also got the Organic Baby Wipes which are fantastic and I use them myself too. They are much thicker than standard baby wipes and they smell lovely.

I have got a starter kit of washables on the way, so once I’ve got the hang of them I will write another post.



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