How to make Bathroom Cleaner

You don’t have to buy bathroom cleaner – you can make it yourself! There are loads of different ways you can bung together a simple bathroom cleaning spray, depending on what you have in the cupboard, but here’s the recipe I used to make in bulk:

  • 1 heaped tablespoon of Citric Acid powder (or Borax)
  • A teaspoon of dish soap (I use Ecover)
  • 4 drops each of a couple of bacteria-busting essential oils – I use Eucalyptus and Lemon
  • 1 cup of White Vinegar
  • Top up with water (ideally distilled)
  • An old measuring jug is useful to mix the ingredients in (mixing vinegar with citric acid and also Borax isn’t as crazy as when you mix vinegar/bicarb of soda – but it can fizz a little so is best to premix slowly before adding to the bottle)

Simply add your chosen powder to the jug, along with the dish soap and essential oils, then slowly stir in the vinegar. Once the powder has dissolved, you can top up with water and add to a spray bottle.

I use Citric Acid because of its descaling properties – however another ingredient that can be substituted in is Borax. This is a great to use for a disinfectant-type spray. The white vinegar and the essential oils add another layer of disinfecting/bacteria-busting too, and the dish soap helps to break down soap scum and body fat buildup.

I have made too much of this spray and used it 6 months later – it’s probably best to make a bottle then use it within a month/6 weeks as the mixture can sometimes start to smell a little funny after that (I used one about 16 months after it was made but my bathroom did smell rather odd…)

Don’t use this on anything delicate i.e brass plated taps, marble tiles, or anything that doesn’t tolerate acidic cleaning products.

Finally, for those who love baths, or have a shower-over-bath combo – you may want to also add a bottle of liquid soda crystals to your bathroom cleaning caddy, to cut through the bathtub gunk without having to scrub like your life depends on it!

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