Make the Most of Your Cleaner!

Maintaining the work/life balance nowadays can be hard. Family commitments, irregular working hours and long commutes mean that when you do get some precious ‘down time’, you don’t want to be spending it dusting light fittings or removing handprints from the windows. Hiring someone to help around the house is no longer looked upon as a commodity for the privilged few, but rather as an astute method of delegation.

Here are a few tips to get the most from your regular cleaning appointment;


  • Clearing Clutter – Spending a bit of time doing this will ensure your cleaner can work at maximum efficiency. A few extra minutes getting things off the floor and off surfaces will give your cleaner more time to concentrate on the cleaning tasks that are most important to you. You might want to clear off a shelf or top of a dresser etc every so often so that it can receive a good cleaning.
  • Bedsheets and Towels – If you would like your cleaner to change the bedsheets and/or towels, please leave the new ones out, or make sure the cleaner knows where they are stored.
  • Kitchen – Remember washing up takes extra time, and you might want to remove any items on the drainer so your cleaner can get any grot off the dish rack or draining board. If you don’t have instant hot water, please ensure that there will be enough for cleaning and mopping, or instruct the cleaner on how to work the immersion heater.

photo credit: zaser via photopin cc

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