Making a digital magazine

If you have the budget, a digital magazine is another great way of producing quality, informative content to position yourself as a market-leader in your particular niche.

A digital magazine can either be distributed externally to customers/partners, or internally (For example; a company magazine aimed at staff members).

Whether your readership is potential customers or existing employees, be sure to create a section in the magazine that involves the reader and allows them to express their opinion – this could be a ‘letters’ page, featured ‘tweets’ or a ‘Q&A’ page, where you can answer any questions or problems that they may have.

Extending your brand

Just like the old-fashioned print magazines, you’re looking for a mix of news, journalistic features, interviews and opinion/advice columns. Again, the trick is to use the digital magazine as an extension of your brand, so that you are reminding your customers of your existence as much as possible.

For example; a holistic therapy centre may not have the budget to produce a ton of print magazines, but by using prominently placed QR codes in the waiting area (linking to their branded digital magazine), customers can load the magazine and start reading it on their smartphone whilst they wait.

Of course, ideally they won’t be waiting there long enough to read the whole thing – but it will still be there on their phone where they can read it later on. This will remind them of their (hopefully positive) experience with you!

Adding your products & services

For those of you who sell products, an e-zine can be used to full function by displaying quality product images, which link directly to the sales page for that particular product on your website.

Combine sumptuous imagery with glowing customer reviews, and useful information to benefit the reader (that relates to the product), to promote the quality of your brand as a whole.

Consider collaborating with other local companies/therapists offering similar and complementary services/products to yours, to maximise the benefit and interest in the magazine.