Making Green Smoothies

We’re hearing here, there and everywhere about the health benefits of starting the day with a virtuous smoothie, so here’s a quick and simple guide to making your own – all when there’s 5 minutes before you have to set off for work!

    • Get a smoothie maker – I love Smoothie 2GO by Kenwood, as it blends the ingredients inside a cup which you can then plonk a lid on and dash out the door with. This saves on farting about with transferring the mixture; and of course on washing up.

  • Get a green smoothie recipe – basically, you need greens (however much you can handle), some fruit and honey to sweeten, and a little orange juice or oat milk to thin it to drinking consistency. I love Leonie Dawson’s Green Smoothie Recipe…

  • And finally…add some magic! A teaspoon of either Maca powder or Spirulina powder¬†will pack in some extra nutrients, which are especially useful if you are need of an immune system boost.

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