Mercury Retrograde

It’s Mercury Retrograde (yay……!)

Whilst I’m coming out of my winter hibernation, there’s certainly not much in terms of forging ahead that’s going to get done in the next couple weeks. This would probably be even more useful once I start getting back to working according to the menstrual cycle (seriously, why are we women not all doing that…), but I’ve not had a full cycle for 18 months now (I say a FULL one; hence why I have another little one on the way!)

Just thinking about Mercury Retrograde on its own, stuff usually goes tits up. I have some work to do over the next few weeks on the web design side of things, and needless to say I’m going to have to carry it out VERY carefully.

Things I Avoid During Mercury Retrograde

  • As much unnecessary communication as poss – via email and face to face, because I won’t go near a phone anyways.
  • Driving – More road rage (I’m not sure more is even possible in the town where I live because noone seems to be able to drive anyways), and especially now I’m pregnant and have a baby in the car JUST STOP COMING ONTO MY SIDE OF THE ROAD
  • Launching/starting new things – I’ve got a project that is supposed to be launching but I’ve been umming and aahing about forging ahead with it. So I’m taking this time to really review it and think about whether it’s definitely right for me at this time to launch it, if so I will do that once Mercury’s behaving.
  • Don’t buy anything significant – especially if its electronic…In fact, try move away from the screen a bit more and get outside en nature.

Basically, take care doing the practical, allow for mishaps/travel snags and the possibility that communication is all off. And try not to throw your phone across the room unless you’ve got one of those ‘indestructible’ ones.

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