My 9 essential items of stationery for business

I like planning.

No, I love planning. (It’s because I’m a Virgo, I think.)

My favourite part of the school year was September. As a complete stationery nerd, September meant showing up with crisp, new exercise books, notepads, ridiculously-coloured pens, and probably a new protractor because last year’s always got broke.

Oh, and don’t forget the pencil case. Here are a few of my highlights:

Today, I’m sharing some of my must-have stationery items that I use in running my own businesses. If you are totally IT-based then you may not be feeling this one – but if you’re a fellow stationery nerd then feel free to recommend what you cannot live without on my Facebook page (even if it’s one of those furry pens from the late ’90s…)

My essential items of stationery for business:

  • Project Book – Aah, the book with the built-in dividers. Like the contents of a ringbinder, but in a spiral-bound book. Great for splurging ideas into and then turning them into strategies. I’m into Colour Therapy, so I have a nice red one to encourage ACTION from the contents. I got my A4-size project book from Asda for about ¬£2.
  • Moleskinne Notebook – If you’re a ‘creative’ type, you have to own one of these by law. Stupidly expensive for a notebook, but they are just gorgeous to hold and write/sketch in. Don’t deface the pages with Biros. Marvelous for scribbling plans of world domination whilst navigating local coffee shops. Mine is red (there’s a theme here…)
  • Binders – Everyone needs a binder. I’m not a fan of the skinny ones and gravitate towards the big fat ones that hold all my course notes securely with the little clip.
  • Weekly Planner – If you only have one thing, it has to be this. Many use a diary (and of course if you have a lot of appointments, you’re best off with the day-to-view type) – this year I made my own from a blank exercise book;
  • Berol Handwriting Pens – I learnt to write with these black and blue inky wonders. Much better than scratchy Biros!
  • Invoice/Receipt Books – If you take your product/service to customers’ homes, these are essential items to have.
  • Shredder – As much as I love firepits, I will have to wait. In the meantime, I use a shredder. Don’t buy crappy cheap ones unless you plan to shred up to 8 sheets a year. I got a Rexel Cross Cut Shredder which is great; however it does remind me of a sanitary bin.
  • A Whiteboard –¬†Every genius needs a whiteboard to produce spider diagrams, to-do lists and draw stupid doodles on a Friday afternoon.
  • A Corkboard –¬†Important papers get lost on your desk. Pin them up where you can see them! Attach photos of your dog to keep you motivated! Pin your monthly goals to them (just don’t do what I did and shove the board behind the computer – I’ve just had a look and with 2 days left until the end of the month, I think I better get a move on…)