My Holistic C-Section Care Kit

A C-section is a massive thing to go through physically, mentally and emotionally. I remember my biggest fear before my first pregnancy was having to have one, as I was terrified of the thought of being cut open. However, when it came to it I had no other choice and it was a fear I had to face, one last test before I got to meet my daughter for the first time.

Although the second half of my pregnancy was a total nightmare, I try and focus on the fact that I am grateful in that case that the C-section was planned, rather than an emergency one as it gave me a few precious weeks to really get my head around it and prepare myself mentally, emotionally and physically.

To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to my recovery in the weeks afterwards, because my priority was being with my daughter in Neonatal and providing milk for her. I think because I was so focussed on this mentally – the days/weeks of pumping, maintaining pumping equipment, organising milk supplies, sitting with her skin-to-skin, that I just got on with it physically and started moving about as soon as I possibly could after the birth.

That being said, as I was living in the hospital there was not much to do other than rest, make sure I was eating well as family bought me in healthy food, and get so fucked off with being in the hospital that I would force myself to slowly walk to the canalside near the hospital grounds to get some sunshine.

These are a couple of things that I believe helped me before and after my operation – I seemed to heal well afterwards and had no problems with my scar, I think I returned to driving after 3 or 4 weeks as living in the middle of nowhere after spending months in hospital or on bedrest I was going utterly stir-crazy!

My C-Section Care Kit

Arnica (cream & homeopathic remedy) – I started taking the pillules in the days leading up to the operation along with another homeopathic remedy to help with my fears and anxieties about the operation. I also used some of the cream on my scar once it had healed a bit and the stitches had dissolved. Arnica is fab for swelling and bruising, and I think this really helped in terms of healing the physical wound.

Scar hygiene – sounds obviuos but when you’re (not literally) running around after a newborn, you can sometimes forget your physical body even exists until you pop a boob in their mouth. Keep it covered for how long the medical-types recommend you to – and always make sure it’s dry and clean. Regular showers (just let the water on it, no scrubbing!!)

Water water water – My legs and ankles swelled up like balloons after surgery. As well as the area around the scar. It didn’t help that we had a heatwave as well (I know, rare), so I was chuffing down water like there was no tomorrow. Not ideal for having to have my catheter bag emptied lots, but hey that’s what the midwives are for!

Crystals and essential oils – I had these lying about in my hospital room for months to give me a bit of support – the lavender got put onto a tissue and I took it to theatre to inhale the scent just before the operation to help me be as calm and relaxed as I could be (also, if you have a planned c-section, ask them if you can play your own music; I played a meditation CD which I already associated with relaxation. Not listened to it since though as I may have removed that association!)

Crystal-wise, I had Rose Quartz for gentle and emotional healing, Citrine for energy and healing post-surgery, and other sunny, energising crystals like Yellow Calcite. Also clear Quartz points for transmuting negative energy away from my body and working with the breath to bring in new, energising flow.

Nutrition – Rope others in to feed you healthy stuff. I tried to eat healthy but it’s not amazingly easy in hospital, so I got fruit and veg, meat-filled sandwiches and plenty of fibre-containing stuff brought in. With chocolate, obviously. Fibre intake is important to keep you moving internally – because going to the loo is not fun after a c-section. Not that its fun when you’re heavily pregnant either.

I don’t know generally how IBS sufferers cope after the operation, but my guts were NOT HAPPY about being shoved around even more to get the baby out, then having to promptly return to almost their original position. In fact I found that worse than the bloody operation because I was battling that before I was allowed out of quarantine (they thought i might have an infection) to see my baby. Convinced them to give me lots of Buscopan and peppermint capsules and I drank lots of peppermint tea; after a few days it started to calm down. It was so bad I even got a toilet cordoned off for my own use. Sorry everyone.

I think the things above helped a lot in terms of healing up; along with plenty of rest and frequently attempting to get out of bed and move about a bit as soon as poss after the operation. I also stopped taking painkillers regularly after a couple of days because it didn’t hurt generally – if I got any pain appear I took that as a sign to back off and rest!


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