On The Law of Attraction

If you have been on the Internet, ever, you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ve read The Secret.

I think it’s been about 15 years since I found that book in the bookshop, and that was probably what kickstarted my interest in the subject. I was studying Reiki, I’d had my ‘spiritual awakening’ (again, pick a label or discard it if you want), and I was full of the joys of New Age, with a lot of Doreen Virtue and angel cards thrown in for good measure.

As is the case with popular culture, all the positive is hyped up, and maybe the not-so-positive is swept under the rug. It was the same (and I can see now looking online, that it still is), with the Law of Attraction being brought to a wider audience. I think sometimes it’s like ‘Chinese Whispers’ and the original message is skewed.

Too many times I see the Law of Attraction being put across as the answer to all your problems – you’ve got to vibrate at a certain level to attract what you want into your life, and if you don’t get it…weeeell then it’s on you for thinking negatively!!

What rubs salt into the wound, perhaps, is when teachers/thought leaders of this use this aspect to force you into signing up for their (extremely expensive, say in relation to your monthly mortgage/rental payment) course/product, whilst being very guarded about what it is that they’re actually going to offer you. But reminding you that they are very, very, rich and you can be too.

Now I’m not knocking those who offer courses, teachings etc., because I’m not in the camp that we should serve others for free. I have got more out of programmes I have paid for. I just wasn’t necessarily at the right point in my life/circumstances to really action that information.

15 years on, and I’m re-reading many of the books I have on the subject. It seems like I’m more in a time/place where I can really start to action the teachings now. I did get results in the past, and I’m starting to get them again.

So. I’m going to assume you know enough about the Law of Attraction to continue reading. If you’re not sure or rusty on how it works, I recommend this book if you are very in touch with your spiritual side, and this book if you are looking at it from a more business-oriented perspective. But bear in mind that abundance and the nature of our spiritual selves can’t really be separated.

Some points to consider

Where You Are At

Sometimes we can get so caught in in what we want, where we are going, that we lose sight of Now. If you’ve read a few books on the Law of Attraction, you know that in order to get what you want, you have to act like you already have it.

If we take this too literally though, we can lose sight of all the things we already DO have in this present moment. In terms of money, we can obviously visualize ourselves as already being wealthy, but if right now we have a finite supply of money and we spend it all in blind faith more will come in without us putting in the work (and time) first, we’re going to have one big worry that is not gonna be raising our frequency anytime soon!

So I think visualisation is important, but then again so is common sense!

Zoom Out & ‘What if…?’

For a lot of people, LOA is a way to connect with more abundance, helping you get material things. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, I think we need to remember the bigger picture.

The focus should be on why we are here, what purpose is our being alive at this time meant to serve? ‘What If’ statements can be very useful here in helping us to zoom out and look at the wider situation – what if by fully committing to connecting with my Soul purpose, and taking the steps I’m called to take, the money comes anyway? What if I have no control over whether I get the money in weeks, months or close to the end of my life?

Finally, I wrote another blog post about this which you can find here:


Literally as I put this old blog post into share here, I saw the date I wrote it, which is almost 10 years to the day…