Pantry Revamp – Making A Blackboard

Back in the first post I did after moving to the new home, I shared a pic of the new pantry I have, which sits just under the top of the stairs.

Now, although I would love to get it to looking amazing, uber-organised and generally somewhere the cat actively tries to get shut in because it’s so damn awesome – I’m being realistic about this project.

IMG_1152There’s a LOT of stuff going on here at the moment, plus there’s a lot of other projects demanding attention (namely, the garden…)

Then of course, there’s budget (or distinct lack of!)

SO, my progress is slow and steady. In the meantime, I spend too long on Pinterest drooling over pantries that are pretty much the size of my entire kitchen.

However, forward movement has been made – I have now installed a roller blind, so that a) it stops the sun blaring in and keeps the thing cool and b) the next door neighbours cannot see right in (This wouldn’t be an issue if there was a proper fence, but don’t get me started on that!!)

And now, I have a pantry blackboard too.

Making a Blackboard


So, we started off with a white, 4-panelled door. I sort of like them because they remind me of the old famhouse I used to live in (yeah, the one I can see up on the fell from my bedroom window, gah!) Hubby does not like them. He seems to prefer doors with lots of glass (probably because he would not be the one cleaning them…)

I wanted to stick a piece of painted wood in the top panel. Hubby said it would look crap. I couldn’t be arsed to argue.

So we got some paint…

IMG_1154It will probably be doable to sand it down and paint over in the future if needed, but I figured – what kind of weirdo would not want a blackboard in the pantry??!

Other than waiting for the first coat to dry, this was a very quick project.

– I simply ran a little glasspaper over the panel to be painted, before applying the first coat.
– Next, I did the edging. I did this by hand, but for a really neat finish you can use either masking or frogtape to get a clean line (I’d recommend you do this if the blackboard is generally visible in the room – this one is only visible when the door is open so I was less worried about it being 100% straight 🙂

– For the corners, I used a cotton bud with a little paint on. Somehow, I still managed to get paint on the lightswitch and floor (enter the magic eraser…)

– After 2 hours this was dry, so I ran the glasspaper over it again and proceeded to the second coat.

– Again, I have left it at 2 coats, but looking at it if it was on an external wall I may well have applied 3. I may also come back to it at some point to touch up the bits near the edge.
One pantry blackboard!

This is great for meal planning, and also for adding things to a shopping list when someone uses the last tin of tomatoes. I can then photograph the shopping list if needs be (although I’m ordering it online now, as it’s really lowering the cost of the weekly shop).

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