Project Laundry Outhouse

After clearing a bit of space with Project Shed, we had enough room in the outhouse to get the washing machine out of the kitchen. There’s only room in there for one plumbed appliance – and my Next dishwasher has been sat about as a posh shelf for nearly a year now. I enjoy cooking and baking but loathe washing up, so was pretty desperate for the dishwasher to come back!

So, the plan is to have half laundry room/half toolshed! There’s room for both as I don’t want a tumble dryer. For now, it’s going to be simply a washer in an outhouse until we have some more income coming in.
Luckily the waste pipe from the kitchen passes through the outhouse before entering the outdoor drain, so it was simply a case of extending the cold water/electric through the back wall and splitting off the current waste pipe. Someone kindly left a sort-of-taped-up live wire dangling off the ceiling too, so it’s now given us a light in there so I can see what I’m doing!

There’s already a radiator rigged up in there, so it would be nice to maybe have some room to dry clothes (or at least start them off) in the winter months. Hopefully I can get a victorian-style airer put in.

Getting the dishwasher back is deffo appealing to my OCD side too…pictured dish-rack has now been retired so no more pot-strewn worktops 🙂


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