Re-Transitions – The journey back to new mamahood

I’ve almost made it to 28 weeks pregnant. This is a big deal for me, because this time last year, I was 28 weeks pregnant but in hospital being told I would end up in labour within days and I needed an emergency c-section (thank goodness that never happened).

So this year, I can now feel myself starting to ‘go within’. I’m grateful I can be at home at watch the Spring growth come in whilst my baby happily kicks away in my tummy.

Today is a total lack of sleep day (combination of getting quite big now with waking up worrying about baby#1 who is full of cold). Haven’t felt this tired since the first couple of months with a newborn, and it’s all coming up again in a few months’ time.

My body is telling me to rest, so I’m listening to it.

Having only got my head around the shift into motherhood a year ago; I’m now preparing for the shift into being a mama-of-2. Practising self-care now, because I’m going to need it more than ever for the rest of the year.

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