Reducing Plastic Waste

Reducing the plastic waste our household produces is something I started doing quite a few years back – originally with my eco-friendly cleaning business, because I was throwing away LOADS of plastic bottles.

However, it’s really come into the public eye recently, and people are trying to step up their game in minimising the amount of plastic waste we are producing. Inspired by this, I’m trying to make multiple small changes now to add up over time.

Where I’m at with reducing plastic waste

  • Cleaning – I don’t use many anyway, but those I do are mainly vinegar glass cleaner, and multi-surface. These run off two spray bottles that are refilled by making the glass spray, and using a concentrate multi-surface cleaner. There’s inevitably still plastic involved in this, but less than buying individual bottles. Loo cleaner, washing up liquid and eco-friendly worktop sanitiser is also refilled from bulk.
  • Washing – I use powders for the machine life and the results on nappies so these all come in cardboard anyway. Fabric conditioner again I try to buy in bulk then I can refill my large bottle.
  • Nappies – I use washable nappies and try to use disposables as little as possible. We have some for backups and emergencies, but there’s still some of the Size 3 box left for Baby 2.
  • Baby Food/Milk – try and scratch make wherever possible, she hates the pouch food anyway. As we had to come off breastfeeding earlier than I’d like, formula milk is tinned and locally produced.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel – Shampoo & conditioner are bought in bulk so the bottles can be refilled, but I’m getting swayed by shampoo bars having used them before… shower gel is in a bit of a transition and try to use soap now instead of this and handwash. Sandalwood soap is amazing.
  • Bottled water – Don’t use, have a BPA-free reusable bottle for out and about.
  • Fruit & Veg – trying to get a fruit & veg box delivered to avoid buying from supermarket, apparently that’s easier said than done around here though.

Next Steps

  • Milk – This is the next biggie. Once someone delivers locally I’m wanting to switch to glass for both milk and orange juice. Hopefully this will be soon then Aurora can have glass bottled moo milk when shes ready to switch. I dont actually drink much cow milk as I mainly have soya, unforch this comes in Tetrapak which our council won’t recycle. Boo.
  • Baby wipes/nappy sacks – Rora probably makes much less plastic waste than me but this is the main of it. We use WaterWipes; there are some biodegradable ones I love but they are mega expensive for something you use so much of. It has occurred to me however that I have to wash nappies which are often full of poo if I don’t pre-empt and put a flushable liner in…so why not add a few pooey washable wipes to the load? That way, I wouldn’t be using nappy sacks at all.
  • Toothbrush – this is due a change so I’m after getting a bamboo one this time.

I have longer term plans too, like switching away from plastic reusable food containers, and switching to reusable sanitary towels once the baby is born (because it would be REALLY nice if I didn’t bleed in this pregnancy too…)


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