The Resistance

I got kinda stuck for ideas today.

Most of what I plan to write about is something I can only really start once we’ve moved to the new house – at the moment, I have no garden other than a back yard with no privacy and most of my cooking stuff/anything I own is in boxes.

Until then, everything is in limbo, which is not exactly a great basis for creativity…I feel utterly and truly wedged between one phase of my life ending and another beginning!

In the meantime, I’m trying to implement the callings and ideas I’ve finally connected with after years of trying to find them! However, as the calling gets stronger, so does the resistance…

It’s going to take some laser-sharp focus and some hard-ass implementation to break through this time, but I know it’s gonna be worth it 🙂

Some ways I’m using right now to push through the resistance barrier…

  • Coming to terms with and accepting the fact that this is a major transitional period for me. With two massive life events coming up over the next couple months (and also entering my thirties!), I have to accept this and go ‘back to the cave’ for a few weeks, else exhaust myself trying to thrash against the flow of life.
  • Trying to remember self-care – especially exercise, but I know from previous experience that denying my own self-care just sabotages me in other areas too.
  • Breaking things down – I’m emotional, and most tasks therefore seem huge and overwhelming. Week by week, day by day I break shit down so it becomes easier to achieve something. I’ve broken writing my thesis down into 1 paragraph a day because I know any more of an ask and it will get tossed to the side. After months of nothing, breaking this down has seen it now about 50% of the way through.

Limbo periods can be extremely frustrating. We have to look for the gifts within them – they are there, just harder to find. Often, once you do find them you then realise how particularly special they are.

Just a few more weeks…

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