Review – Bio D Polish

Aah, polish.

Spray a little in a room and everyone thinks you’ve been cleaning away ¬†– what a trooper!

Unfortunately, people come to this conclusion because of the distinctive stinky smell (and just don’t get me started on the aerosols…)

When I started my cleaning company, I quickly knew I couldn’t get away for very long without using polish. After all, a large proportion of my customer base was over 60, and they’re addicted to the stuff. Also I ended up in mansions with wood-panelling and giant wooden dining tables.

I had to polish, but I needed an eco-friendly alternative.

Now I could have made my own, but there are two reasons why I avoided this – one is that I was cleaning delicate wooden surfaces and I didn’t want to be the one ruining them by using a slightly dodgy homemade concoction. Secondly, I didn’t have the time to make such things – I was maxed out at making large batches of glass/multi surface/bathroom cleaner.

This is when I looked for ready-made & eco-friendly polish, and I found BioD.


  • A bottle lasts for a long time – unlike aerosols which don’t seem to last so long, BioD Polish lasts. I use about 2 squirts and it brings my coffee table up nicely. The bottles now come in 500ml sizes (down from 750), but in my opinion this is better for the ‘home user’ as it lasts so long. To give another example, I closed my cleaning business a year ago with a number of surplus (full) bottles of most types of cleaner available – I still have 3.5 bottles of polish…
  • They do refills – save a bit and waste less packaging by buying refills.
  • It doesn’t smell like s**t – well, thats always nice. By this I mean it doesn’t pong like traditional polish because theres no¬†petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes.
  • It performs well on a variety of surfaces – plus you don’t get that waxy buildup from repeated regular use. We all know a table with waxy buildup; it’s the one where you want to scratch it off (and your kids probably already have).
  • It works – It doesn’t have to slope by on an ‘eco-friendly’ tag, as BioD Polish actually works as a damn good polish. I like my dark wood furniture and I can tell the difference when using it on my mango wood units as it brings them up a treat. I’ve even had elderly converts buying bottles because they were so impressed with it.

You can buy BioD Polish online from their website, or find a local stockist online.


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