‘Setbacks’ and Coping with Change

How do you manage when things don’t go to plan?

It’s bound to happen right – unyet it’s always a pretty unwelcome slap in the face.

My own life has been through some MAH-OO-SIVE changes in the last year, and so has that of a lot of people around me. Whether its business or personal, learning to cope with change takes constant practise – but it’s doable.

Don’t give up on the planning

Ok, I’m a Virgo so planning is totally in my comfort zone. I don’t want to wing it, I want a schedule/To-do list and everything to run in the required order. Except life doesn’t do that. Now I could just abandon all those glitzy planners at this point and see where life takes me and my business – the problem then becomes a lack of focus and action steps towards my dreams.

The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

A process for coping with change in life and business

  • Dream big
  • Look at where I am and where I want to be – what will it take for me to get there?
  • Whittle that journey down into stages, steps and goals along the way to That Big Goal
  • Keep whittling down into action steps – what can I do this year/month/week/today to move in the right direction?
  • Combine with the right mindset – any time and/or money invested in that is NEVER wasted
  • Accept that the outcome is a given, if its best for me. Sometimes we get what we want eventually, to find its not what we wanted or needed at all.
  • Get out of the way when it comes to the little details – goal-setting and planning is a continual, evolving process. Just like making a good sauce, you often need to test and tweak as you go.
  • Some things will happen that feel like setbacks. Whether they actually are or not is not as relevant as what they’re trying to teach you.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. Even if they look like they’re on the same or a similar journey, they’re not. Everyone’s paddling at some point or another!

Change usually brings up fear in us to some degree – even if it’s accompanied by excitement. But the more we can recognise the reaction, the more we can relate it to where we want to go and take those practical steps – whether that’s asking for help, walking away from a familiar but negative situation, or simply getting out of our own way.




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