Seven Ways To Increase Your Persistence

Persistence is a trait which women seem to be simultaneously taught to cultivate and avoid.

On the one hand, we’re bombarded with Facebook posts and motivational quotes about all the people who tried and repeatedly failed at things; but because of their persistence they eventually triumphed and got the form of success that they set out to achieve in the beginning.

On the other? Women who are persistent are often labelled as ‘annoying’, ‘needy’, ‘aggressive’, or just admonished into stepping back down and told they’re foolish.

Persistence comes into its own when blended with intuition – and the two can work together to move mountains. However, many of us have been pushed back so many times in life already that it’s a trait we don’t always have in abundance. So, how to cultivate more?

Be kind to yourself

Often, people will try to talk you out of stuff for various reasons. Often, these reasons aren’t even to do with you. What you don’t need on top of that is negative self-talk persuading you to stop trying! The more you practise being kind and compassionate to yourself, the more you’ll trust your inner voice and it won’t try to sabotage your efforts.

Avoid the negative people and surround yourself with the positive

Once you start sharing plans with people, you can usually quickly tell whether they are supportive, on board and are rooting for you to achieve your goals; or whether they’re just wanting to pooh-pooh everything you’re trying to do. Whether it’s for the duration of a project or longer-term, the more you can avoid the naysayers and surround yourself with positive people who are vying your vibe, the more supported and persistent you’re going to feel.

Regular reviews and reward your successes

It can really give you a boost forwards when you can take time (say, every week) and review your progress so far. It may be that you’ve took some action steps towards a large long-term goal; or simply that you’re still going and haven’t given up! It can be helpful to think of small rewards for your successes, ones which you know will motivate and inspire you to keep going.

Review your surroundings

Can your living/working environment be altered in any way to help remind you of what you want to achieve? An effective way to do this is to make a vision board, and display it somewhere where you’ll see it regularly throughout the day.

Be consistent

This might be in the form of showing up to something on a regular basis, or scheduling in regular time to take action steps towards your goal/outcome.


This goes in hand with intuition though; sometimes you just find yourself at a point where you don’t feel pulled or called to continue, but rather to stop, pause, rest, let go…in those cases where your gut is telling you that ploughing on regardless is simply sapping your energy (and it’s definitely your gut and not inner/outer critics), then take a step back and try to review things objectively.

Ask yourself some questions

There are no right or wrong answers, but sometimes asking the right questions can help you gain clarity:

  • What does being a) persistent b) passionate c) focussed mean for you?
  • What is it that motivates you?
  • What are you avoiding or withholding from yourself?
  • What has success looked like in the past for you?
  • What is your desired outcome and do you need it, want it, or both?
  • What are you doing and when to achieve your desired outcome?

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful (at least a ┬áit more useful than sitting and reading motivational quotes for an hour on Facebook/Pinterest), and let me know in the comments if you have any more tips for being persistent!

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